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LOGO upgrade announcement

Dear customers, partners and all friends!

Thank you for your long-term trust and support! According to the company's strategic development needs, from now on, The official website domain was officially changed from to

The English name was officially changed from "Zhuzhou Sunrui High Strength Ceramic Co., Ltd." to "Zhuzhou Chuangrui High Strength Ceramic Co., Ltd.".

 Chuangrui's English logo was officially changed from "Sunrui" to "CRAC". "CRAC" is the abbreviation of "ChuangRui Advanced Ceramics", which is intended to convey the company's deep cultivation of advanced ceramics and its infinite enthusiasm and forward-looking thinking for advanced ceramics research and development, so as to go to the international stage and serve global customers.

The icon of the new Logo remains the same as before, only the change of English icon. After the launch of the new Logo, related products, contracts, agreements, business cards, publicity websites, posters and advertisements will be gradually replaced with the new Logo.

During this period, the old and new Logo have the same effect.  This brand upgrade only changes the English Logo, English name and company's official website domain name, and the rest of the company's information remains unchanged. Please know, if this change brings you inconvenience, please understand!

Zhuzhou Chuangrui High Strength Ceramic Co., Ltd.

May 7(th), 2024

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